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SasuNaru- Love story- Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any other characters so yeah. I do own this story because it is inspired by my own love life. If you do not like boy x boy THEN DON’T READ THIS!! For the rest of you please enjoy =D.

Naruto was heading towards AP anatomy when he saw Sasuke again. Naruto tried not to look like an idiot when walking past him but instead did the opposite. He tripped over his own feet and fell on the ground. Naruto was contemplating whether or not just to stay on the ground until he heard someone chuckle. He looked up to find Sasuke squatting beside him holding his hand out.

“Do you want me to help you up? Or are you going to lay there for the rest of the day.” Sasuke asked with a small smile on his face. Naruto held out his hand and Sasuke took it and lifted him up with ease. They stood up and Sasuke again got lost in Naruto’s eyes making him blush.

“Uh Sasuke are you going to let go of my hand now? I promise I won’t trip anymore.” Naruto said sheepishly.  Sasuke just kept staring at Naruto and never let go of his hand. With his free hand Naruto waved his hand in front of Sasuke’s face saying, “Hello? Anyone there?”  Sasuke just kept on staring at Naruto so Naruto dragged Sasuke to their class so they wouldn’t be late.

-In class-
Naruto put his head back on Sasuke’s desk and asked, “what was up with you just now you totally zoned out for the longest time.”

“Sorry I just got lost in thought….. Hey what are you doing tonight?”

“I’m apparently having dinner and a movie with Kiba.”

“Who’s Kiba?”

“My roommate.”

“Can I come?”

“Sure. It’s my dorm too your welcome any time.” Naruto said a little too eager.

“Ok what time should I come?”


“Ok I can’t wait I’ll see you there.” Just then Kakashi appeared.

“Ok class which anatomy do you want to learn today, male or female?” Kakashi asked.

“Male!” Sai yelled.

“Any reason as to why?”

“I love d***s!” (…..HAHAHAHA….. uh yeah…. ^^;)

“Ok that’s good enough for me. Let’s begin.” Kakashi taught the class all about the parts Males have that females don’t. (Blah blah let’s get back to Naruto shall we =D )

Naruto was sitting down when three notes appeared on his desk. The first one said, ‘what did Sasuke say to you- Sakura’ . The second one said, ‘ I’d like to get to know your anatomy- Kiba’ the third one said, ‘ I’d like to get to know you better- Sasuke’. Naruto’s heart skipped a beat, inside of Sasuke’s letter was his phone number.

On the first note Naruto wrote, ‘Sakura, all went ok, he kept staring at me and I had to drag him to class but just now he gave me his phone number because he said he wanted to get to know me better.’ Naruto then passed the note to Sakura.
On the second note he wrote, ‘Kiba I swear to god that if you don’t knock it off I really will beat the snot out of you!’ Naruto passed the note to Kiba then right as he did he got his back from Sakura. It said, ‘ ooh lucky, he so likes you, I told you to ask him out.’

Naruto replied, ‘Ok ok I admit you were right, I’ll do it in time.’ He passed the note to Sakura and then got his back from Kiba. It read ‘why would you swear to me?’ (Hahahaha don’t you just love my sense of humor =D) Naruto wrote back ‘Damn Kiba I will beat the snot out of you now. You had better watch your back. I will get you.’

Naruto passed the note then got his from Sakura. It said ‘ you had better hurry, with looks like his he’s gonna go fast.’ Just then the bell rang to get out of class and as Naruto got up Kiba was already out the door. “ Damn that Kiba he’s fast.” Naruto muttered to himself.

-7:00 that night-

Naruto walked up to his dorm and found Sasuke leaning on the wall waiting for him. He was wearing some shorts and a white shirt.  He looked great even then.

“Ready to go in?” Naruto asked.

“I guess.” Sasuke and Naruto walked in the door to find Kiba waiting on the couch.

“Hey Kiba where’s dinner?” Naruto asked.

“It's almost ready… who’s your friend?”

“This is Sasuke. He’s in our anatomy class.”

“Oh ok.” Kiba said sounding a little disappointed because it was just supposed to be him and Naruto. “Well I’ll go get the food it should be ready now.” Kiba got up and headed towards the kitchen area and put the lasagna on plates. Naruto headed towards the couch and sat in the middle.

Sasuke was still standing in the doorway wondering whether or not he was welcome.

“Sasuke don’t just stand there come sit down.” Naruto said while patting the spot next to him.

“Ok.” Sasuke took off his shoes and went to sit by Naruto on the couch.  Just then Kiba walked in with three plates of lasagna and salad.  He handed one to both of them and then asked,

“What movie do you want to watch Naruto?”

“Uh I don’t care. Sasuke what about you?”

“Anything is fine.”

“Ok.” Kiba said putting in the first thing he saw which was batman begins. (Sorry that was the first movie that came to mind =D). They sat there eating in silence until all three of them finished and Kiba offered to take their plates. Kiba got up and took the plates to the sink. It was getting pretty late and Naruto was falling asleep. So by the time Kiba got back he found Naruto resting his head on Sasuke’s shoulder. (Ooh so cute! >.< ) .

Sasuke looked up at Kiba’s mortified face and smirked. Kiba then sat down and began to pout but Sasuke really didn’t care. Within another thirty minutes Sasuke had his arm around Naruto’s waist and was holding him tightly. When the movie had finished Naruto and Sasuke had fallen asleep together and Kiba was so mad he shut off the TV and stomped his way to bed.

Sasuke’s POV-

After Sasuke had fallen asleep he woke up later in the night because he was uncomfortable. So he got up and picked up Naruto and put him gently down on a chair. Then he went to the couch and unfolded it into a bed. Sasuke then picked up Naruto and carried him to the bed. He tucked him in and was about to leave when Naruto cried in his sleep, “Sasuke! Sasuke! I-I…… I love you. Please come back….. Don’t leave me….” Sasuke looked at Naruto and saw tears leaking from his closed eyes. Sasuke then went to bed with Naruto and put an arm around him so Naruto wouldn’t be scared anymore.  (Aaawwww so cute! >.<)

Kiba’s POV-

Kiba woke up early in the morning (like 2:00 a.m.) and sat up in his bed. He just had the worst dream ever imaginable (to him of course).  His dream was that he and Naruto had dinner together but then someone named Sasuke came, mooched on all his food, and stole Naruto from him.  And to top it all off the last part of his dream he saw Naruto and Sasuke sleeping together! (No way Kiba that CAN’T be true lol *major sarcasm intended* =)).   He looked around and saw Naruto, but just to add to his growing hatred of Sasuke, by God, there he was! Sasuke, sleeping in the same bed as Naruto, AND with his arms around him. Kiba got so mad that he grabbed one of his pillows and threw it in their direction.  Then Kiba fell back asleep grumbling about Sasuke.

Naruto’s POV-

Naruto woke up when something soft and fluffy hit his head. Another few seconds passed when he finally realized that he was on the bed and Sasuke was with him.  He wasn’t sure why Sasuke was with him in bed but he wasn’t one to complain.  ‘Maybe he likes me too.’ Naruto thought about it then he decided that whatever Sasuke’s reasons were he didn’t mind that he was sleeping with him at all.  Naruto wondered what woke him up so he sat up and looked around; both Kiba and Sasuke were both asleep.  Naruto was only really afraid of two things. Thunderstorms and the supernatural (i.e. ghosts, demons, stuff like that).  So Naruto, not knowing where the pillow came from, threw it on the floor and cuddled against Sasuke’s chest for protection.  Naruto soon fell back asleep. (How CUTE!!!)
ok here is chapter 2 :dance::dance::dance:
Enjoy! =D

idk how to link stuff so if you wanna go see the first chappie go to the top of the page and click on my name =D

remember NO FLAMES!!!!! but do remember that comments are greatly appreciated and raise my self-esteem
Thank again
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